Peugot Watches Review

peugot watch review

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Peugot Watches: Affordable Quality

Peugot watches (not to be confused with the French car maker) have been around since 1957.

Back in the day, they were known for making high-end, luxury gold timepieces, but have since realigned their brand and are now seen as an affordable fashion brand. That is great news for us, the consumer, because they have a large range of stylish watches that are often below are not far above 100 dollars. 

They can often be found on Amazon and at reasonable prices too.

Just take a look at this silver Peugot watch here and tell me this doesn’t look like a thousand dollar watch?

In this review I will take a look at some of Peugot watches most popular models and whether they are worth it in the end.

Peugeot PP Women Dress Watch with Crystal Bezel, Mother of Peal Dial with Roman Numeral & T-Bar Metal Link Adjustable Bracelet

History Peugot Watches

Quality Materials

Peugot watches may not be made in Switzerland, but they do seem to choose quality materials.

For example, the movement that drives the watch (the things that makes it tick) is a Quartz movement from Japan. As you may not know, Seiko in Japan was the company responsible for the invention and popularity of quartz watches back in the 70s. So, the fact that they are using Japanese Quartz (all from Seiko themselves from what I can find online) in their watches is great news!

Watch materials are almost always stainless steel. This is industry standard and the best quality, and most durable for the long run. 

Some companies use cheaper materials like bronze, but often it is not as strong or long lasting.

For the watch bands, Peugot also use either stainless steel or leather. Again, industry standard and what all quality manufacturers use these days.


Peugeot Women's 3040GBR Gold-Tone Watch with Brown Suede Strap

Peugeot Women's Round Silver Roman Numeral Link Bracelet Dress Watch 7086S

Peugeot Women's 14K Gold Plated Tank Leather Dress Watch with Roman Numerals Dial, Red

Peugot Watch Warranty & Battery Replacement

Not all manufacturers are willing to stand by their products and replace or repair when things go wrong. Thankfully, Peugot watches are not one of those.

Their manufacturer’s warranty seems quite reasonable, only excluding things like when you damage or misuse the watch. Normal for any warranty.

Here are specifically the things they DON’T cover:

  • Physical damage to the case, crystal, strap or bracelet
  • Damage to the movement due to improper handling, accidents, or normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by water unless the watch is marked “water resistant.”

Otherwise, it is a Lifetime Warranty.

Likewise, they will also replace your battery for the life of the watch, as long as you pay to send it in. Here is what they say

“shipping & handling excluded- cost of new battery and labor is free of charge”.

Just make sure to register your watch with them after you purchase it.

Women's Watches

So, Peugot make quality and affordable watches with a great warranty and battery replacement policy.

Now, what kinds of watches do they make. Is there one that suits your tastes?

Let’s take a look…

Women's Rectangle Leather Watch

One of Peugot’s most popular watches is their rectangular face watch with a whole bunch of stylish colored leather bands.

They have a H-shaped face, with stylish silver hour markers and triangular hands. There are a few options in terms of color too, with a black, white and silver face.

The bands are mostly in leather, but you can also get some quite funky colored nylon bands as well. I have added some images below which you can click to go straight to the product.

Of course, they also come with the Seiko Japan quartz movement and the limited lifetime warranty with free battery replacement.


Peugeot Women's Rectangle Silver-Tone Black Leather Strap Dress Watch 3008SBK

Peugeot Women Rectangular H Shape Wrist Watch with Matching Wrist Strap

Peugeot Women Rectangular H Shape Wrist Watch with Matching Wrist Strap

Peugeot Women's Silver Tank Roman Numeral Blue Leather Band Watch 3036BL

Women's Classic Watches

Peugot of course make some of the classic watches with either sliver, or gold plating. Most of them come with a steel bracelet, to add to the sense of class of these watches.

Depending on the model you buy, there are also some with Swiss quartz movements and also Swarowski crystals! Most people would think you have paid 5x the price for these kinds of watches.


Peugeot Women Rectangle Dress Watch with Crystal Decorated Bezel, Roman Numerals and Bracelet

Peugeot 7082S Swarovski Crystal Stainless Steel Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch

Peugeot PP Women Dress Watch with Crystal Bezel, Mother of Peal Dial with Roman Numeral & T-Bar Metal Link Adjustable Bracelet

Peugeot Women's Round Silver Roman Numeral Link Bracelet Dress Watch 7086S

Women's Unique Watches

These guys have also gone a little crazy with some of their face and band designs. Not something I would buy for my girlfriend, but if you want to stand out, these Peugot watches are for you.


Peugeot Women's 14K Gold Plated Enamel Cuff Bangle Dress Jewelry Watch

No products found.

Peugeot Women's Crystal Couture Leather Bands Elegant Evening Watch

Peugeot Women's 7093BL Stainless Steel Crystal-Accented Watch

Peugeot Women's J1841S Silver-Tone Swarovski Mesh Watch

Peugot Men's Watches

There are less options for men (always seems to be the case with fashion :>). 

They are of course the same quality and quartz movements, but the colors and styles tend to be more restrained. 

There are a few square and long rectangle styles though, which is not that common, so, I take my hat off to Peugot for at least giving us some unique choices.

Peugeot 14K All Gold Plated Big Face Luxury Watch with Day Date Windows, Roman Numerals & Coin Edge Fluted Bezel Watch

Peugeot Men's 2043BK Genuine Black Leather Strap Black Dial Watch

Peugeot Automatic MK910SBK Men's Silver Stainless Steel Multifunction Black Leather Watch

Peugeot Men's Two-Tone Luxury Dress Watch with Japanese Quartz Movement & Stainless-Steel Bracelet

Peugeot Men's Classic Vintage Watch - Curved Stainless Steel Case with Genuine Leather Band

Peugeot Men's 2035RG Analog Display Japanese Quartz Brown Watch

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