The Seiko Coutura Perpetual Solar Chronograph SSG021 is a stunning dress watch with a coated black stainless steel that screams style. This higher-end Coutura watch from Seiko is jam-packed full of features too.

First, it is solar powered with a battery designed to last you ten years, so no more worrying about running out of juice when you least expect it. Second, it has built-in time correction that is done via radio signal, so you shouldn’t need to update the time at all. On top of those base functions, it also has a chronograph, a perpetual calendar (good to 2099) and a bezel with 25 time zones, which travelers are going to love.

Overall, it has a characteristic black look with both the case, strap and dial adding to the dark look. However, things are lightened up with the thick applied hour markers and blue accents used on the chronograph sub-dial and bezel. The date window is squeezed in at 4-5 o’clock, as there is really not a lot of space elsewhere!

This is a watch for those that like style, modern function and design, and maybe can’t be bothered keeping a watch charged or the time up to date! There are of course many other similar Coutura models in the range if you don’t like this one.