The Seiko Prosprex SRPC39 is the blue version of this particular watch, that is often called the Baby Turtle.

It takes its case shape from the bigger brother – the Turtle, but it also shares a lot of other characteristics from the Seiko SKX line of watches. This is perhaps not surprising as both are very affordable dive watches, worthy of a spot in your collection.

SKX007 vs SRPX39 – The Comparison

Where the SKX007, for example, has a day/date window at 3 o’clock, the SPPX39 has only a date window. The automatic movement (4R35) does have hand winding though, which the SKX007 lacked.

The hour markers are also quite new, bearing a little resemblance to both the SKX range and the original Turtle. Maybe you could call it a hybrid?

The bezel is again quite similar on them all, however, the Baby Turtle seems to have far larger minute markers, more like the SKX than the Turtle range.

There is also a lack of crown guard on the Mini Turtle, which some may miss when actually using this for diving. 

Overall it is very similar to the SKX007 in terms of size though, so makes for a good alternative or replacement. Especially since the SKX007 was discontinued in 2017.