Watches Worn By Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber)

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Watches Worn by Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan has been gracing our screens for a few years now – fixer to the rich and famous in L.A.. All-round tough and gruff, but always stylish with a suit on, behind the wheel of his Mercedes CLS Coupe, and sporting a variety of watches. So many, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with. Especially if you have ever taken a look in his watch drawer!

So, in this post I am going to dive into which watches Ray Donovan has worn on the show. At least to the best of my knowledge.

Omega Seamaster Professional in Black
(Ref 2264.50.00 )

omega seamaster professional 2254.50.00

This is perhaps the watch you will see the most of in the show, especially in the earlier seasons. Ray seems to wear this watch even while beating people to a pulp, and then covered in blood afterwards. As you can see in the image above. 

There is not reason not to look the part, no matter what the situation, so Ray Donovan’s go to watch is an Omega Seamaster Professional – the other most popular luxury diver after the Rolex Submariner. In fact, from what I have been able to see online, it is actually Liev’s personal watch off-screen, so no wonder he wears it a lot!

ray donovan omega seamaster

Of course, it has 300m water resistance, so it’s unlikely to be affected by water, or blood. And it’s large hour markers and hands, which are also well covered in lume, will be very easy to read, even in low light.

And this is by no means an exceptionally expensive watch, usually around the two to three thousand dollar mark, so no problem if Ray breaks it!


IWC Portugieser Chronograph

(Ref: IW371482)
iwc portugieser chronograph

Another watch that has become quite famous from Ray Donovan is the IWC Portugieser Chronograph. Why? Because he gave it to his son on his 14th birthday from his personal collection. 

ray donovan iwc portugieser

Perhaps it is because he has way too many watches, or is super rich. Or maybe it was because he forgot his son’s birthday? Either way, Connor was lucky to receive such an expensive watch, which normally costs anywhere between 5-15k, depending on the exact model.


IWC Portugieser Automatic

iwc portugieser IW500703
ray donovan iwc portugieser automatic

Ray Donovan has an extensive collection in his watch box as we know, and this IWC Portugieser Automatic was seen been taken out of the collection at one point

I believe it is the Reference IWC500703 but you can never be 100% sure of course.


IWC Portofino Automatic IW356502

iwc Portofino Auto IW356502
ray donovan iwc portofino

In season 7 a number of people have reported seeing Ray wearing a new IWC watch that is very hard to identify. Thanks to the super-spotters on Reddit they have suggested that it is an IWC Portofino either in black or blue (dial).

ray donovan iwc portofino

The strap appears to be black leather, so I have taken a guess and called it the IWC Portfino Automatic IW356502.

If you believe otherwise, be sure to let me know in the comments below.


Rolex Cosmograph Daytona
(Ref: 116508)

ray donovan rolex cosmograph daytona 116508
ray donovan rolex cosmograph daytona 116508

Another watch that has a great story behind it, this all gold Rolex Daytona was given away by Ray in Season 2. He gave it to a fellow actor, who plays a parole officer for his loyalty and help throughout all his trials and tribulations. It might seem like a high price to pay, but pay is all about favors so he can call upon them later. Or repay them whenever he can. 


Other Watches He Might Have

Ray Donovan has a large watch collection which has been seen almost close enough on occasion to figure out what else he has in his collection. He seems to have another Rolex Daytona in white from what I can see, and there are rumors he also has a Panerai.

In one other episode, he was seen checking out a vintage Seiko which some people have put down as an SN43 model, of which there are many. And it is interesting to see that he would have such a cheap watch in his collection. Not only would it not have cost much, but you can also get them for way under 100 bucks these days.

There have also been a few other spottings of other IWC models, including the IWC Mark XVII in Season 6 and what looks like an IWC Portugieser Automatic 2000.

There are obviously a lot more watches in his collection, so if I have missed one – let me know in the comments below.

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